Keep On Smiling with Okoco

Barbara was born in Paris to a long-line of shoemakers. She grew up surrounded by her parents' creations: beautiful combinations of different colours, patterns and materials that became hits through the ages. She had discovered that the craft of creating quality products could bring a genuine smile to a customer’s face, and she fell in love with it.

Okoco, a London-based, fashion-orientated accessories brand that is bursting with life and colour. Barbara sources the most unique and beautiful fabrics, those that will beat out the grey monotony in your life and splash it with vibrancy and energy. Hand-crafted with the highest quality, sustainable fabrics by skilled local seamstresses. 

Here at Okoco, we believe that smiling with our eyes is more genuine than smiling with our mouths. So Keep On Smiling with an Okoco face mask to bring colour back into your life!